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It’s fun to watch your Pokémon wander around free from their ball-shaped prisons, and there’s an adorable attention to detail in the way they move. You can even visit other players’ campsites and play with their Pokemon chrome downloads . There are also new Galar forms and evolutions for popular Pokemon from previous generations like Farfetch’d and Ponyta.

The publisher provided a copy ofPokemon Shieldto Shindig for reviewing purposes. On the other hand, the vast swathe of improvements to the basic Pokemon game structure are anything but. The core battling and Pokemon-catching systems remain largely unaltered , but just about everything that surrounds those has been tweaked for the better. In saying that, this is still a Pokemon game, with all the levity and excitement that comes with that. Like every other game before it, it’s very much a coming-of-age story for the protagonist and the people around them, mixed with some light-hearted fantasy and creative mythology.

When it’s working, Sword and Shield‘s story is fantastic, but it’s very inconsistent. I’d go as far as calling her journey the emotional core of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and her moments on the screen are when the game is at its best. You see this in the player character’s hometown of Postwick and its neighbouring Wedgehurst, which draw on the small-town charm and Scottish influence of England’s Cumbria county. You see this in the impressive skyline of Wyndon , with its clocktower, ferris wheel, Shard-like tower and Wembley Wyndon Stadium, and in the industrial history of Motostoke .

Graphics 10/10 – I already mentioned how diverse the game world is including all types of people from all walks of life. Along with trading Pokemon, you can also trade league cards.

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The smaller Pokédex keeps a lot of fan favourites, although it’s odd that a lot of Pokemon that more casual players will recognise from Super Smash Bros. or the cartoon, like Mewtwo and Greninja are completely absent. Returning players are bound to have some favourites that didn’t make the cut. With Togekiss being my Ace throughout the entirety of the game, without Pokémon being cut, I think I would have never used Togekiss.

You can customize your own league card with your character and a variety of facial expressions, poses, and backgrounds. As you progress through the game you can unlock new options for designing your league cards. It’s nice to see game developers taking steps towards inclusion and honestly, it adds immersion to the gameplay.

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But I’m glad I have, she was a powerhouse and has earned a place with my favourite Pokémon. The one character that I felt had potential was Leo, I love his design and characteristics, he is a champion but is down to earth and just loves being around people and Pokémon. BUT, for some reason, his brother Hop and other characters keep mentioning that he is terrible with directions.

You see this in the sprawling Wild Area, which channels England’s gorgeous national parks to create an expansive wilderness full of natural wonders and a wide assortment of different Pokemon. Just having the possibility of supercharged training isn’t enough; a lot of other factors feed into this drive to raise statistically perfect Pokemon for its own sake. Each game has its own little mechanical nuances that need to click, but so too does the game world and story leading up to that post-game grind. After all the frustrations of connecting with friends in the Wild Area, it was nice to have the option to just pitch a tent and chill out at camp. Camping out lets you play with your Pokémon and mess around with a cute curry-making minigame.

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I like the underdogs, and when you look at the stats, Pokemon Sword players dominate in every category compared to Pokemon Shield. Pokemon Shield is the lesser liked on the two versions and rarer and has fewer players.

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