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The only other social media app that is as sharp a stick is Instagram which has, it’s true, more overt social capital accumulation mechanisms. Still, the idea that kids use Snapchat like some pure messaging utility is laughable and makes me wonder if people have forgotten what teenage school life was like.

However, technology still has much to learn from industries like fashion about how to proactively manage scarcity, which is important when goods are rivalrous. Since many types of status are relative, it is, by definition, rivalrous.

There is some equivalent of crop rotation theory which applies to social networks, but it’s not part of the standard tech playbook yet. One of the common traps is the winner’s curse for social media. If a social network achieves enough success, it grows to a size that requires the imposition of an algorithmic feed in order to maintain high signal-to-noise for most of its users. It’s akin to the Fed trying to manage inflation by raising interest rates.

If you want to know the terminal value of a network, the type of proof of work is a key variable to consider. Some companies manage to create utility for a network but never succeed at building any real social capital of note (or don’t even bother to try). In the end, I think most social networks, if they’ve made this journey, need to make a return to utility to be truly durable. Commerce is just one area where Instagram can add more utility for its users. This is the well-known “come for the tool, stay for the network” path.

Whether you see people attend a party that you’re not invited to on Instagram or on someone’s Snap, you still feel terrible. Many will say, especially Snapchat itself, that it has been the anti-Facebook all along. Because it has no likes, it liberates people from destructive status games. To believe that is to underestimate the ingenuity of humanity in its ability to weaponize any network for status games. Recently I had the opportunity to use Snapchat v5.0 on an iPhone 4.

  • Today’s time is the time of data where an enormous amount of data has to be stored, updated, and created daily.
  • The ability to build more relationships among different data types makes these databases more efficient.
  • For example, operator A may want to print a bank statement, whereas Operator B would want to only check the bank balance.
  • As a database is typically accessed by multiple operators simultaneously, these operators may need different database views.

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It had much of Bobby’s original code in many of my original graphics. It was way faster than the current version of Snapchat running on my iPhone X. If you want to text someone, it’s extra work to swipe to the left pane to reach the text messaging screen. Tech tends to prioritize growth at all costs given the non-rival, zero marginal cost qualities of digital information.

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