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Met-Plus with seamless transfer and easy sign up process is UK’s fastest growing Telecom Service Provider; independent of BT, we are focusing on reduction in call rates in both the business and residential sector.

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Our Phoneline & Broadband Plans

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If you are looking for a broadband which suits your requirements then verify our offers from Met-Plus Broadband packages. With us you can get your required speed and tailored services.

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Met-Plus technical experts can minimize your Line Rental and Call Rates Charges, along with providing you with a faster broadband service. Chat with us and have answers to all your queries. Experience our Live Chat, and make the most of technology.
Customer Support : 0844 811 9471

Why Pay £48 Every Quarter ?
Only £8.99 /month
Save around 50% Every Year /month
All of our services offer rapid response and are primarily designed to meet the exacting requirements of our valued customers. Met-Plus hence provides its customers with range of packages for residential connection, namely, Home Basic Lite, Home Basic Online, Home Unlimited Lite, Home Unlimited Online, Home Basic

What People Say About Met Technologies
Loved by millions of customers all around the UK !

“The business plans were simple and straight forward and essentially we were looking to save money which we eventually did” Thanks.

Internet has given the commercial sector a positive turnover. It has established an
extensive out-reach for several SMB’s (Small and Medium business).Utilizing the potential
of this digital age to reach out and do business with a wider range of audience is the recent trend.

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