How To Use – Best Secrets Troll Face Quest Application For Android Devices That Nobody Knows | Unlock It.

Now you have a chance not only to see incredible levels, but also a bonus level, which is carefully made for every fan to play. Chuppy-Shills In this game you should drain in shaggy balls, and at the same time it is sometimes not so easy. You should solve several logical problems that everything has turned out as you want. Continuation of the game Troll Face Quest. You should solve new puzzles at each level which become harder and harder. Game walkthrough video of the game “Troll Face Quest Video Games” .

Tap on Trollface, and he will stamp the number 47 on Troll Face Quest APK Hitman’s forehead, and they will both laugh at each other. Now you can tap the gates to get through and win the level. In this level, you can see Stickguy trying to play Flappy Troll on his phone. If you tap the screen, the flappy troll will propel itself with fart and crash into a pipe, causing a failure. To win, tap and hold the screen until the troll releases more fart that makes him shove all pipes off the screen and ends up going off Stickguy’s phone.

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  • Try to explore the mysteries of the game yourself without the guidance to enjoy what the most fun game.
  • This is a review that is trying to give suggestions.
  • What you need to do in this level is to tap and drag the blue guy upwards and to the right.
  • That’s especially true now the game supports hand-tracking as well.
  • I you trying to make people mad or trying it to trigger them because the ads it’s just useless at least put the an ad every four levels?
  • Some people play the game just to see funny dying situations.
  • If you let it get to you, these crazy levels of non-stop trolling will have you admitted to a loony bin in no time.

Do scary movies give you those Goosebumps you seek for deliberately? Are you among those for whom scrolling the creepy scenes and images is a great fun? Join Troll Face Quest Horror and be prepared to become a part of the most terrifyingly hilarious pranks!

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To complete this level, you just gotta swipe down on Lady Trollface, then repeatedly tap above her, and she will come back up different, and you will win. Spil Games, the creators of Troll Face Quest game series has just released the sequel to the Troll Face Quest Videos Games. If you have played it, then you can guess about the sequel “Troll Face Quest Video Games 2”. Let’s take a look at the overview and read walkthrough and solutions of Troll Face Quest Video Games 2. Trollface Quest 3 is here and it’s your challenge to solve all ridiculous puzzles to beat the dumb trollface in this funny brain-teaser. This time evil troll has stolen the Trolla Lisa right from the museum!

Now tap the man and the level is completed. This is the last game to use Trollface’s original design. This is also the only game to have mid-game comics. Click on it, and click on the buttons as shown. However, the TV will not turn on- and you will fail.

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