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Dear Abby: reputation modifications, she will not

Dear Abby: reputation modifications, she will not

Updated 12:05 am PDT, Monday, July 20, 2020

Dear Abby advises never to be afraid to alter you status to “single” due to your ex-girlfriend.

DEAR ABBY: My gf and we separate, but she does not want to share with change or anyone stuff on Twitter. Her that, for now, I just want to be friends, she got mad at me for changing the password on my account when I told. She can get hateful and mean when she does not get her method, and she keeps mentioning my past and will not overlook it.

She really wants to get together again. We’ve split up and gotten back once again together many times. This time around, however, i am unsure i do want to. Everyone loves her, but I’m not sure just how much more I’m able to just just take. She informs me she is sorry every time she calls me names or perhaps is mean and thinks it will fix everything. Whenever I informed her it mightn’t, she threatened to block me personally if I place “single” on my profile. Please provide me personally some advice. I do not think that is healthy, and I also do not know what direction to go.

— Confused in Kentucky

DEAR CONFUSED: tune in to your gut, that will be letting you know this love is not healthier. There is a good explanation the both of you have split up over and over. Continue reading Dear Abby: reputation modifications, she will not